field architect

Job Description

Field Solution Architect (FSA) works in the field of Telecom and Information technology. They concentrate on framing the top technology solution to meet a specific business need in their area of expertise, whether its applications, hardware or infrastructure services. Field Solution Architect (FSA) role focuses on pre-sales solution design. The technologies solutions provided by the architect is one of the key factors for increased customer satisfaction.

Broadly the field solutions architect’s job description is classified as technology, sales, and sales support. Following are the official responsibilities as a part of the Field Solutions Architects job description:

In order to do this successfully, and form a well-balanced team with the project manager the field solution architect should have a leading role on the business study and system engineering, ensuring that requirements, design, and installations stay aligned and are feasible.

Additionally, he should have a supporting role in the project management domain, ensuring that planning, resources, commitments and risk recognition stay in line with the solution under defined procedures.

field architect

The field solution architect’s primary deliverable is the combination of all delivery aspects during all phases of solution delivery to the customer or business. They are continually striving for this integration taking actions in areas where the architect leads, initiating actions and decisions in areas where he’s supporting.

Advising the solution to the technologies has become the major tool for integration, as well as for recognizing potential misalignments. This role at times called systems architect, but professionals think it is not fair to the fact this holistic architect is deeply involved in both business, management and technology at the given site.